Appointment Scheduler
Doctor108 for Appointment Scheduler is ready to meet appointment scheduler both online/offline/mobile App. Used my over 3850+ doctors in India & abroad.

About Doctor108 for Appointment Scheduler

Doctor108 Doctor108 for Billing is ready to meet any specific requirement for doctor for Clinic/hospital. Used by over 1850+ facilities in India & abroad. Billing software can be used with Appointment system & Rx-writer too. We have Mobile App for patient that can be used by doctor/clinic/hospital for appointment which can be linked with desktop software in the clinic.

OPD Billing
IP Billing
Appointment & Registration
Pharmacy Software
Mobile App

Why Doctor108?

First dedicated healthcare company of INDIA. Since 1996.
First to introduce windows based healthcare software in 1997.
Vertical & Specialty based software.
Rx/advice/pre-post operative instruction in multi-lingual language.
Software based on one screen concept.
Over 25,000 client installation.
Integrated Pharmacy software, Optical Software & Mobile App.
Upgrade every 6 month.

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Appointment Module
  • Single/Multiple Doctor facility
  • Each doctor can have different time slot
  • Patient Registration walk-in/ telephonic /Patient Mobile App
  • Consultation/Follow-up/Emergency Charges.
  • SMS on registration/appointment confirmation/cancellation.
  • Connect to Mobile App for Patient & doctor.
OP/IP Billing
  • OPD Billing/Customize Bill Groups
  • Procedure/TPA/Corporate billing.
  • Form 3C Register
  • Receipt
  • Collection Reports
  • You can have multiple billing & receipt under different billing name.
Mobile App (Doctor108)
  • Today’s Appointment/Patient Visit
  • Current IP Patient list
  • View Patient History
  • List of Patient as per EDD
  • Vital Data analysis
  • Collection Register
  • Broadcast Message
  • Gallery
  • Profile Editing
Mobile App (Rx108)
  • Profile
  • Family Detail
  • Visit to Doctor/hospital
  • My favourite doctors
  • My favourite Pharmacy
  • My favourite diagnostic center
  • Alerts
Sample Printout
  • OPD Bill
  • Sample Rx – Full
  • Sample Rx – Treatment
  • IP Bill – Cash
  • IP Bill – Corporate
  • Discharge Card
  • 3C Register – OP
  • 3C Register – IP
Messaging (SMS/Email)
  • Auto/Manual Message setting for
    • Patient Registration
    • Report after approval
    • Thanks to patient referral
    • Billing
  • Patient Registration, if required
  • Diagnosis, Medicine & Advice list.
  • Printing of Rx
  • Or Scanning of Rx & storing with patient id for future reference.
  • This Rx can be directly send as an SMS to patient or can be viewed by patient on portal.
Sample Videos
Mobile App