Cardiologist Software
Doctor108 for Cardiologist is ready to meet any specific requirement for cardiology clinic/hospital. Used my over 20+ cardiologist in India & abroad.

Front Office
  • Appointment
  • Walk-in Patient
  • Registration
  • OP Billing
  • Token Display*
  • Wait list management

Back Office
  • Ward Management
  • TPA follow-up
  • IP Billing
  • Discharge Card
  • Letters & Certificates
  • Messaging
  • Reports

  • Assistant Dr Module
  • IP EMR
  • ECHO Reporting
  • Clinical data analysis
  • Discharge Card

About Doctor108 for Psychiatrist

Doctor108 for Cardiologist is ready to meet any specific requirement for Cardiologist clinic/hospital. Used by over 1350+ Cardiologist in India & abroad.

Doctor108 for Cardiologist can be used by consultant Cardiologist practicing in group of 1-4 Cardiologist.

Hospital108 for Hospital can be used for BIG/group practicing doctor or multi-speciality hospital. More detail on hospital version

Available Modules

Appointment & Registration
OPD Billing
Assistant Doctor Module
OPD Cardiologist EMR
IP Billing
Discharge Card
Echo Reporting
Instant SMS/Email facility
Clinical & Management Reports
Mobile App
Pharmacy Software
Diagnostic Software

Why Doctor108?

First dedicated healthcare company of INDIA. Since 1996.
First to introduce windows based healthcare software in 1997.
Vertical & Specialty based software.
Rx/advice/pre-post operative instruction in multi-lingual language.
Software based on one screen concept.
Over 25,000 client installation.
Integrated Pharmacy software, Optical Software & Mobile App.
Upgrade every 6 month.

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  • Patient Walk-In at reception
  • Telephonic Appointment
  • Appointment through Mobile APP

  • Billing for follow-up/First consultation/Emergency charges
  • SMS on Registration, appointment, or billing

Electronic Medical Record

  • Asst. Dr Module for primary information.
  • OPD EMR for Cardiologist
  • IP EMR
  • Cardiology Reporting
  • Publish Case Record for Mobile app view.


  • Ward Management
  • Letters & Certificates
  • Thanks & Referral letter
  • IP Billing
  • TPA follow-up
  • Discharge Card
  • Reports

Front Office (One Screen Concept)
  • New Patient Registration
  • Easy Old Patient Search
  • Appointment & Walk-in Patient entry
  • Link with Mobile App for appointment
  • Front Desk Billing
  • Case Paper Generation
  • Label/Barcode Printing
  • Waiting Alarm at two level
  • Token Display System
OP Billing
  • OPD Billing/Customize Bill Groups
  • Procedure/TPA/Corporate billing.
  • Form 3C Register
  • Receipt
  • Collection Reports
IP Billing
  • Provisional & Final IP Billing (Cash/Credit)
  • Advance/Refund
  • Discharge Card
  • Receipt
  • TPA/Corporate follow-up
Messaging (SMS/Email)
  • Auto/Manual Message setting for
    • Patient Registration
    • Appointment Confirmation
    • Thanks to patient referral
    • Indoor Registration
    • OP Billing
Mobile App (Doctor108)
  • Today’s Appointment/Patient Visit
  • Current IP Patient list
  • View Patient History
  • List of Patient as per EDD
  • Vital Data analysis
  • Collection Register
  • Broadcast Message
  • Gallery
  • Profile Editing
IP – EMR (One Screen Concept)
  • First Hand Information
  • Indoor Details
  • Provisional / Final Diagnosis is ICD
  • Day to day Treatment
  • Investigation Detail
  • Discharge Card
  • Follow-up advice
Back Office - Module
  • Ward Management
  • Patient counselling module
  • Provisional & Final IP Billing
  • Birth Register
  • Discharge Card
  • TPA/Corporate follow-up
  • Doctor/Reference Directory
  • Letters & Certificates
  • Thanks & Referral letter
  • Holiday Management
  • User & Rights Management
  • Reports
  • Scheduled SMS/email
  • Backup & Restore
  • Sync to Online Mode for mobile communication
Mobile App (Rx108)
  • Profile
  • Family Detail
  • Visit to Doctor/hospital
  • My favourite doctors
  • My favourite Pharmacy
  • My favourite diagnostic center
  • Alerts
Sample Printout
  • OPD Bill
  • Sample Rx – Full
  • Sample Rx – Treatment
  • IP Bill – Cash
  • IP Bill – Corporate
  • Discharge Card
  • 3C Register – OP
  • 3C Register – IP
OPD EMR (One Screen Concept)
Assistant Doctor/Technician module
  • List of patient waiting at reception
  • History taking
  • Vital Parameter for Cardiologist like Height, Weight, BP, Blood Sugar, temperature etc.
  • Risk factor/Addiction of Patient
  • Any Drug Allergy to Patient
  • Complain & Primary Examination
OPD Clinical Records
(In addition to Asst. Dr.)
  • List of Waiting Patient at Reception or Asst./Tech.
  • Complain as per requirement of Gynaecologist
  • Examination, PMP Exam,. MSE Exam., Side Effect, Medical Illness as per requirement of Psychiatrist
  • Personal/Family History of Patient
  • Diagnosis according to Cardiologist
  • Treatment/Medicine according to Physician
  • Multiple Standard Treatment as per Diagnosis according to Ophthalmologist which include Medicine, Dosage, Days, Qty & Advice
  • General Advice  to Patient
  • Investigation Advice to Patient
  • Analysis after Investigation
  • Vital data analysis
  • Next Visit Plan
  • Attach Image/Document  of patient
  • Patient Education as per Psychiatrist
  • Complete History of Patient's Visit on Single Click
  • Rx Print in Multi Language with Customization according to Dr's Letter Pad
  • Reminder/Alert on Patient Visit
  • Stock Information of Medicine(Connect with our Pharmacy Software)
  • Today's Checked Patient List
Cardiac Investigation Reporting
  • Various customised reporting required in cardiology like CAG, PTCA, Peripheral Angiography, etc
Sample Videos
Mobile App